Reporting Manuals SCEIS Reporting Manual 

The SCEIS Reporting Manual includes information and instructions for navigation, running SAP reports, SCEIS customized reports and Business Warehouse reports. The manual is intended to strengthen SCEIS user knowledge to find and execute reports.

To enhance the information in the SCEIS Reporting Manual, the SCEIS Project Team is working to create uPerform simulations and documents that demonstrate to SCEIS users exactly how to execute many reports. Visit and select “Reporting” to see all of the uPerform documentation available in association with the SCEIS Reporting Manual. The manual also includes hyperlinks to uPerform documentation, where appropriate.

Download the complete SCEIS Reporting Manual (19.9mb MSWord) - Updated March 9, 2009

The SCEIS Reporting Manual is a "living document." The book will be continuously updated to reflect the growing system, including the addition of links as uPerform documents are added. The table below identifies changes, and shows where in the document they are located.

Reporting Manual Update History
Change Date Location Description of Update
March 9, 2009 Various If you are working from a printed copy, we recommend you re-print the complete manual above, as updates have been made throughout the manual.
March 2, 2009 Complete Document  Initial publication

Contact the SCEIS Service Desk at (803) 896-0001 (Select option 1 for SCEIS Help) or  with any questions concerning the SCEIS Reporting Manual.