SRM Punch-Out Catalog Vendors

There are a number of punch-out catalogs accessible in SCEIS through the shopping cart in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). The punch-out catalog functionality enables SRM shopping cart users to view a vendor’s web-based catalog, select items for procurement based on a predefined contract between the state and the vendor, and pull those items into the shopping cart for purchase. Contract items are identified in the punch-out catalog and reflect the state contract prices.

Below is a complete list of SRM punch-out catalog vendors, organized in alphabetical order. This list is updated frequently, with new vendors indicated in bold type, so check back often for the latest listing.

 SRM Punch-Out Catalog Vendors:

  • Fisher Scientific
  • FSI
  • Howard Technology Solutions
  • Office Max
  • SHI
  • Spectrum Chemical
  • Troxell Communications Inc.