June 3 Go-Live Cutover Calendar


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"A" Agencies – June 3 Go Live
Cutover Calendar of Events

Wednesday, May 1 – Monday, June 3, 2013



Tuesday, May 2 SCEIS Ready Room activities and Cutover Kickoff Meeting.
Tuesday, May 14 SCEIS Pre-go-live Ready Room closes. Ready Room activities will re-start on June 3.
Thursday, May 16
  Cutover Start Date
Activities to complete before 6:00 p.m.:
  • Complete validation of organizational structures in Nakisa.
  • Halt or monitor all direct-deposit changes made just before or during the freeze period.
  • Identify all employees to a Work Schedule Rule and Work Periods (IT007).
  • Process outstanding pay actions with effective dates on or before May 16.
  • Resolve positions awaiting salary adjustments
  • Delete dormant employees from legacy systems.

Freeze HR/Payroll legacy systems for daily processing beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Note: Any changes made to the employee data after 6:00 p.m. will need to be entered in both the legacy system and SCEIS after go-live on June 3.
Monday, May 20 Data migration and conversion efforts begin.
DUE: All completed data collection spreadsheets except for the IT2013 Template.
Friday, May 31 DUE: Completed IT2013 Template for leave balance information.
Monday, June 3 SCEIS HR/Payroll System Go-Live: Senate, Legislative Audit Council, Education Oversight Commission, and Legislative Printing and IT Systems.
Ready Room activities resume and post-go-live Ready Room Action Plans are distributed.
DUE: Updated IT2013 Template for leave balance information for June 1.