HR/Payroll Cutover Tools, Templates and Information


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"A" Agencies Cutover Activities Guide and Information

"A" Agencies Cutover and Ready Room Kickoff Meeting Presentation
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"A" Agencies Pre-Go-Live Ready Room Activities
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Data Templates

HRP1018 Cost Objects and Vacant Position Funding - (27kb XLS)

Please use this template to capture funding information on vacant positions as well those that are currently filled. For vacant positions, please leave the SSN column blank.

IT0007 Work Scheduled Rule/FLSA Work Week Spreadsheet - (34kb XLS)

IT0022 Educational Disciplines Conversion Spreadsheet - (38kb XLS)

IT0041 Date Types Conversion Spreadsheet - (46kb XLS)

IT0105 Employee Contact Information Spreadsheet - (33kb XLS)

IT0185 Recurring Payments Furlough Conversion Spreadsheet - (83kb XLS)

IT1008 - IT1013 Conversion Spreadsheet for Temporary Grant and Time Limited Leave Eligibility and Hourly Paid - (139kb XLS)

IT2012 Time Transfer Conversion Spreadsheet - (64kb XLS)

IT2013 Quota Balances Conversion Spreadsheet - (83kb XLS)

IT9005 Premium Rates Conversion Spreadsheet - (77kb XLS)

IT9010 Internal Titles Conversion Spreadsheet - (62kb XLS)

Leave Pool Balances Conversion Spreadsheet - (53kb XLS)

Non-resident Alien Conversion Spreadsheet - (51kb XLS)

PA / OM Conversion Spreadsheet for Non-State-Employee Board Member Travel - (40kb XLS)

Tort Liability Codes Conversion Spreadsheet - (36kb XLS)

OM-PA Conversion Employee Spreadsheet - (976kb XLS)