Agency Support Team Roles and Responsibilities

All members of an Agency Support Team (AST) work together to accomplish the following broad agency goals:

  • Support their agencies by leading, managing and monitoring the implementation of the SCEIS system within their organization  
  • Facilitate communications and increase collaboration between the agency and the SCEIS Project Team
  • Promote the readiness of state employees to use the new SCEIS processes and modules

Agency Support Teams can be structured in different ways to suit agency needs, but in all structures, ASTs include individuals who carry out the following roles in an agency's preparation for SCEIS implementation.

Agency Support Teams Roles
AST Role Agency Position Primary Responsibilities
Sponsor  Agency head or chief of staff Maintain accountability for executing agency-specific tasks in support of SCEIS implementation
AST lead  Agency liaison or project manager Coordinate, track and monitor execution of agency-specific tasks for SCEIS and serve as primary point of contact to the SCEIS project Team
Workforce transition HR director or manager Work with the SCEIS Project Team to help employees move into new or changed roles and prepare for implementation
Communications Communications office representative Distribute SCEIS Project communications and promotional materials throughout the agency
Training Training coordinator Assess readiness of end-users for SCEIS Project training methods (e.g., computer skills training) and assist with scheduling of employees in general classes and make-up classes
Technical IT director Identify and coordinate interface, desktop and network requirements with the SCEIS technical team and participate in cutover tasks, including data conversion
Subject matter experts Very knowledgeable of agency's processes and systems Participate in discussions, sessions, training and workshops pertaining to the SCEIS system on behalf of the agency. Assist SCEIS Project Team with data-gathering and validation activities.


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